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Are you ready for a better Virtualization experience?

Did you know that SEI is a VMware Enterprise Solution Partner? Smart, reliable, flexible VMware support is another great option we’re providing our customers. When making the decision to virtualize your data center environment, why not consider SEI and our team of certified professionals? Discover why SEI is a better choice for your VMware support needs. 


Interested in what SEI can do for you with Virtualization?

virtualization softwareCONSULTING SERVICES 

SEI has the ability to work with customers who are either just getting into a virtualized setting, or who have an entirely virtualized data center and need help making their systems as efficient as possible.

server virtualizationINSTALLATION & CONFIGURATION 

When purchasing hardware from SEI, we can install and configure VMware, as well as the customer’s preferred operating system. Upon completing installation, we have the ability to let customers remote in to their new machine before it even ships to make sure everything is perfect – making physical installation and deployment as efficient as possible.

VMware Professional ServicesPROFESSIONAL SERVICES 

Physical to virtual migrations, performance tuning and optimization, troubleshooting and support are just a few things that we can offer customers.

Virtualization License ProcurementLICENSE PROCUREMENT 

As a Professional Partner, SEI is able to assist our customers with acquiring the licensing that best suits their data center needs. We are able to offer the full suite of the VMware product line, so no project is too big or too small.


Virtualization Training

It can be intimidating for customers who are just getting into virtualization. SEI can help by pairing the customer up with one of our Certified Professional Engineers to go through their new product and how to use it, as well as share best practices for performance tuning.

Meet your VMware Certified Professional Team

Virtualization Professional Jeff VerduinJeff VerDuin

Jeff (Hardware Consulting & Build Specialist) is a certified VCP (VMware Certified Professional), VSP (VMware Sales Professional) and VTSP (VMware Technical Sales Professional).

Virtualization Professional Jim SweetmanJim Sweetman

Jim (Unix Systems Architect) is a certified VCP (VMware Certified Professional), Oracle Solaris Certified Professional and HP-UX Certified Professional.

Virtualization Professional Steve MullanSteve Mullan

Steve (Hardware Consultant) is a certified VSP (VMware Sales Professional).

VMware Professional Joe Sipple

Joe Sipple

Joe (Product Support Specialist) is a certified VCP (VMware Certified Professional) and VTSP (VMware Technical Sales Professional).

VMware Professional Tom Edington
Tom Edington

Tom (Product Support Specialist) is a certified VCP (VMware Certified Professional) and VTSP (VMware Technical Sales Professional).

VMware Professional Rob McGuire
Rob McGuire

Rob (Production Engineer Storage Specialist) is a certified VCP (VMware Certified Professional), VSP (VMware Sales Professional) and VTSP (VMware Technical Sales Professional).

VCP Certified
Kyle Hook

Kyle (Field Service Engineer) is a certified VCP (VMware Certified Professional), MCSA certified (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) and CCNA certified (Cisco Certified Network Associate).

Tour Our Technical Center

Tour Our Technical Center

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