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Dell storage support?

Third-party Hardware Maintenance helps to reduce downtime, delays and costs – SEI can help!

Dell Storage hardware is vital to many broad data center design concepts and can be difficult to replace when equipment becomes EOSL (End-Of-Service-Life). Efficiency-minded companies can benefit greatly from third-party IT hardware maintenance like we provide at SEI. If you are looking to extend the life of your post-warranty Dell storage equipment, SEI offers best-in-class service and support. If you are currently under warranty with Dell, we also offer warranty-uplift programs to help our customers retain a single point of contact and streamline their service if an issue arises.

SEI provides both warranty and post-warranty Dell support for:


Dell EqualLogic storage arrays bring a high level of performance for your most demanding data applications, at SEI we support several different Dell EqualLogic models:

  • EqualLogic PS100E, PS200E, PS300E, PS400E
  • EqualLogic PS4000E / PS4000X / PS4100E / PS4100X
  • EqualLogic PS5000E / PS5000X / PS500XV
  • EqualLogic PS6000E / PS6000X / PS600XV
  • EqualLogic PS6500E / PS6500XV / PS6510E
  • and more…


Dell PowerVault storage arrays are highly-reliable and act as an efficient solution to all your performance needs, SEI supports several different PowerVault models:

  • PowerVault MD1000, MD1200
  • PowerVault MD3000, MD3000I
  • PowerVault MD3200, MD3200I, MD3220, MD3220I
  • PowerVault MD3600F, MD3600I
  • PowerVault MD3800I, MD3820I
  • PowerVault NX300, NX400, NX3000 and more…


Save time and money by automating your backup processes with Dell’s reliable PowerVault Tape Libraries of which SEI supports several models:

  • PowerVault TL1000
  • PowerVault TL2000
  • PowerVault TL4000


SEI also supports many different models of Dell Server devices for our many customers with dynamic data center environments. Visit our Dell Server Support page for more details.

  • Dell PowerEdge Servers
  • Dell Blade Servers

Why SEI is the better choice for Your Dell Storage Support

dell storage maintenance10 minute engineer call back average. Place a service call and within 30 minutes, you talk to your primary engineer. Troubleshooting begins immediately and parts are identified for a first-time fix.

dell maintenanceQuick access to parts. With a complete physical site audit of your equipment, we stock the parts needed locally to keep you up and running.

Dell Hardware Maintenance

Prolong the life of your hardware.
We help increase your productivity by reducing downtime and the number of service calls needed.

dell storage serviceRemove the guesswork. Your engineer keeps you informed – from start to finish – throughout the entire service call. Plus a follow-up call in case anything new develops.

Dell support

A Better Dell Service Solution

SEI is a better option for your Dell storage maintenance.

We make it easier to place service calls, easier to partner with your field engineer, easier to get the support you need.

And we always back solutions with our proven SEI Service Delivery.


More options for better service

  • Quick and easy service calls – no phone trees
  • End-of-life maintenance
  • SEI-certified primary and secondary engineers
  • Locally stocked parts
  • Flexible service agreements (co-terminus)
  • Savings of at least 30% over Dell maintenance

SEI specializes in flexible on-site data center hardware maintenance – We Can Help You!

With SEI, your data center maintenance needs, as well as your business objectives, are the basis for an agreement that offers you flexible data center support coverage and reduces your maintenance costs.  And we back up that agreement with our proactive approach to support – learn more about the benefits of SEI’s Service Delivery. If you have Dell Storage equipment and would like to learn more about how SEI delivers the best customer support in the business, please call (800.940.5585) or fill out the above form, and one of our Senior Account Executives will contact you shortly. Our team works hard to deliver the best Dell storage support possible. 



exceptional maintenance support + exceptional customer service
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