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A Better Cisco Networking Service Solution

Did you know there are options other than service through your OEM? Smart, reliable, flexible Cisco support. When making the decision to renew your current OEM contract or upgrade to new hardware, why not consider a third option? Discover why SEI is a better choice for your Cisco SMARTnet maintenance and support needs. 

Mission critical Cisco support that you’ll find saves you time and money. Meeting all of our customers’ needs is job #1 for us at Service Express. We make it easier for you to place service calls, easier to partner with your field service engineer, and easier to get the support you need.

And we always back solutions with our proven SEI Service Delivery.

SEI’s Cisco Support Includes:


As one of the more popular LAN switches on the market today, SEI supports several different Catalyst switch models:

  • Catalyst 2912
  • Catalyst 2924
  • Catalyst 2940
  • Catalyst 2948
  • Catalyst 2950


Cisco MDS (Multilayer Directors ) SAN switches are well suited to support enterprise data center storage needs. SEI supports several different MDS director models:

  • MDS 9124
  • MDS 9134
  • MDS 9216
  • MDS 9506
  • MDS 9509
  • MDS 9513


Cisco MCS (Media Convergence Servers ) enables installations of 2 to 30,000 IP phones in a solitary UCM cluster supporting high-availability hosting. SEI supports several different MCS server models:

  • MCS 7825
  • MCS 7835
  • MCS 7845


Cisco UCS (Unified Computing Servers ) supports the unique needs of each application within a unified managed system. SEI supports several different UCS models:

  • UCS 5100
  • UCS 6200
  • UCS B200
  • UCS B22
  • UCS C200
  • UCS 6120-XP


SEI offers 24x7x4 break/fix hardware support on Cisco Nexus network switches and has access to all necessary support materials (i.e. service, configuration, and troubleshooting documentation). SEI supports several different NEXUS models:

  • NEXUS 2000
  • NEXUS 4001
  • NEXUS 5010
  • NEXUS 5596UP
  • NEXUS B22

Benefits of SEI’s Cisco Maintenance Support

  • Quick and easy service calls – no phone trees
  • Locally stocked parts
  • SEI-certified primary and secondary engineers with hands-on network experience
  • 24×7 technical support
  • Post-warranty and End-of-life maintenance support
  • Flexible service agreements
  • 30 minute engineer call back
  • Savings of at least 30-60% over Cisco maintenance

Cisco Support

Cisco Hardware SupportHARDWARE SUPPORT 

SEI can provide 24x7x4 hardware support for Cisco equipment. SEI has access to all necessary service and troubleshooting documentation. Hardware support for this platform includes any and all break/fix situations.

Cisco Software Support


Software support is available through the SEI partnership. Our support offering is equivalent to Cisco’s TAC and is provided by Cisco Certified Engineers available 24×7.

Cisco Support Upgrades


In order to keep your systems up-to-date and/or improve working characteristics, upgrades are occasionally necessary. Through the SEI partnership we are able to provide customers assistance with software upgrades.

Cisco Support Bug Fixes


Through the SEI partnership, we are able to provide bug fixes to Cisco equipment. When Cisco documents the need for bug fixes and/or software patches that are needed to fix a problem, SEI is here to help.



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