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As President & CEO of Service Express since 2002, Ron Alvesteffer has led the company to double-digit annual revenue growth, expansion into fourteen new states and opening 30 new regional offices.

He has helped shape the unique employee-focused culture – developing leaders and creating an engaged workforce, driving growth through employee achievement.

An energetic, results-driven leader, Ron shares critical insights and implementation strategies when he presents to small, medium and large groups.



Employee Achievement

At SEI, our Vision is much more than just a statement on the wall. SEI’s Vision is to “work with our employees to help them achieve their personal, professional and financial goals.” This Vision is our number one strategic objective. We believe in surrounding ourselves with the right people and we invite our team to share their goals with us. We partner with each employee to support their achievements. When added all together, these goals far outpace our company goals.

Invite Ron to speak to your group and learn how it works.

  • How do we tie our company culture to success?
  • What steps do we take to create a dynamic partnership with our employees to drive growth, engagement and achievement?
  • How do we continue to make a great Vision a reality and not just another stalled company initiative?



Performance Measurement System – SR5

“What gets measured, gets done.” Knowing where you want to take your company tomorrow means you need to know how you are performing today. Understanding potential, recognizing areas of strength and weakness and being able to anticipate future needs are critical to successful growth. Improving employee relations and the bottom-line requires gathering and analyzing the data.

  • Learn how to work with your teams to identify the top 8-10 measures for every department in your company.
  • By utilizing scorecards, determine if an issue is a personnel or system problem.
  • Find trends that can help you determine your next strategic move.
  • Put together measurable position descriptions for every employee, in every department.
  • Identify and track the most important goals and priorities on a quarterly basis to understand what makes your business profitable.




Sustained, Successful Results

Ron and the SEI Team have built SEI from a $2.8 million, 15 employee, four office operation to a $58 million company with 300+ employees in thirty-five offices (and counting). Learn the best practices that SEI uses to create a unique company culture and drive reliable results.

  • Learn how SEI created double-digit annual revenue growth in the past decade.
  • Effectively implement the steps that SEI utilized to achieve successful growth.
  • Increase your growth rate and learn how to hire the right people.
  • Focus on the right tools to help secure the outcomes you need.



Interested in great strategies to grow your company? To set up a customized speaking engagement on Vision, Performance or Growth – please contact Ron directly at 616.698.2221 or via Ron’s email.

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