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What Does a Third-Party Hardware Maintenance Company Know About Training?

Quite a lot actually. At SEI, we feel that leadership and professional development are key for any business to continue to grow and excel.

Here at SEI, we have implemented our SEI University, a learning management system, that has enhanced the skills of our own employees by developing and delivering a wide variety of leadership, technical, job specific training and performance solutions. Based on our own internal success, we wanted to share these opportunities with others and help them to grow as we have.

SEI’s training begins with analyzing business needs and identifying the actual skills required to influence the business. Our certified training professionals look at the business need and implements the solution that will best close any identified performance gaps.

From there, a leadership or professional development courses is developed and delivered by webinar or a classroom based seminar. These trainings are optimal for managers, leaders, team leaders, human resource professionals and training teams.

Current Training Options – How Can We Help You?

Goal Setting Webinar

Writing down goals makes people more intentional about achieving them. Mastering goal setting will enable employees to have a greater impact on their own lives as well as your company’s overall performance. This course is designed to provide the learner with the knowledge and skills required to identify and document goals, as well as to create action plans to have a positive impact on their ability to achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals.

Time Management

Effective time management is difficult to master.  During this webinar the learner will identify tools to assist with managing their time more effectively. These tools and strategies will also help to prioritize and schedule your day to ensure your time is being spent on the most important items to get the biggest results for your business and your life.

Coaching: The SEI Way Workshop

Essentially, coaching is about one person helping another to excel. It is an equal partnership, where the person being coached sets the agenda, and the coach helps them find the best way to reach their goals. Coaching isn’t about giving advice or telling someone what to do. A good coach will present more questions than answers, and challenge the person being coached to consider new perspectives and different approaches when working towards their goals. This course is intended to grow your coaching skills to enable you to be a facilitator of coaching sessions, who will help others discover their own path to success.

See Who You Would be Working With

Chad PetersChad Peters

Chad Peters is an independent service provider professional with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. Chad’s ability to stay abreast of new and trending technologies has given SEI a competitive advantage in their market place. Chad has worn “many hats” over the years to include Field Engineer, Support Specialist, Technical Support Manager, Product Support Manager, OS Support Manager and most recently he is running SEI’s training delivery as SEI’s Instructional Facilitation Lead. Prior to SEI Chad Peters graduated from Indian Hills Community College with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Computer System/Networks Technology and holds the CompTIA CTT+ certification.

Jenn HanceJenn Hance

Jenn Hance is a Performance Development Specialist with SEI, working with various departments to assess development needs, proposing solutions to impact performance, and creating training solutions as appropriate. Her commitment to positive adult learning experiences, enthusiasm for developing talent, and passion for helping others achieve their goals have been demonstrated throughout her career in roles such as Director of Career Services, Staffing Manager, and Corporate Recruiter. Jenn is a graduate of Michigan State University, having earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, with an emphasis on Organizational Communication and holds the CompTIA CTT+ certification.

Pieter WinnePieter Winne

Pieter Winne is an organizational and individual performance development professional. Pieter focuses on identifying performance gaps within an organization or at an individual level to determine the cause of those gaps and develops interventions to ensure optimal performance across an organization. Currently Pieter is the Director of Field Technical Operations for SEI. In this role he leads the Technical, Sales and Leadership training for SEI as well as leading the Technical Support Team. Prior to SEI, Pieter was with IBM for 20 years in a wide variety of roles. Pieter is a US Army Ranger veteran and a strong supporter of the Special Operations community.

Zac McKinstryZac McKinstry

Zac McKinstry has 22 years of IT Industry and management experience. Prior to working with SEI, Zac held retail management and computer service positions. After joining SEI in 2001 as a Field Service Engineer, he was promoted to Branch Service Manager. At this time, he discovered his true passion for designing and developing objective based training opportunities. Since becoming a Senior Instructional Designer, Zac has created over 35 SEI service and sales training courses and enjoys assisting learners ascend toward their personal, professional and financial goals. He is currently a Certified Technical Trainer (CompTIA CTT+) and previously graduated from Central Michigan University, with a Bachelor of Applied Arts.

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